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Dr. James G. Lahti

Mohs Micrographic Surgeon

Dermatology Partners of the North Shore Surgical Center

400 Skokie Blvd, Suite 450

Northbrook, IL

(847) 272-0022

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Your surgical wound will require care during the week(s) following surgery. Common questions include:

Will the surgery leave a scar?

Yes. Any form of treatment will leave a scar. However, because Mohs surgery removes as little normal tissue as possible, scarring is minimized. Also, complete healing of the surgical site may take up to 12 months. During this time, the surgical site may appear reddened or may feel swollen or lumpy, particularly in the first few months. We recommend that the site be gently massaged beginning one month after the procedure.

Will I have pain or bruising after surgery?

Most patients do not complain of pain. If there is any discomfort, Tylenol is all that is usually necessary for relief. Avoid taking medications containing aspirin as they may cause bleeding. You may have some bruising around the wound, especially if the surgery is close to the eye.

Will further procedures need to be done?
Most patients will not require further procedures after the repair of their surgical defect. Some repairs are completed in two stages, with the second stage occurring two to three weeks after the initial surgery. Also, in a minority of patients, some postoperative modification of the surgical site may be performed 6-8 weeks after the primary surgery to optimize the surgical outcome. Occasionally, depending on the type of cancer and its extent, postoperative radiation therapy may be recommended after surgery.

Follow-up visits

Usually only one or two return visits are needed to remove stitches or examine the healed surgical site. Afterwards, you may return to your referring physician for routine check-ups. A follow-up period of five years for the treated cancer is essential. After having one skin cancer, statistics show that you have a higher chance of developing a second skin cancer. You should have your skin checked by your referring physician at least once a year, not only to examine the treated skin cancers, but also to check for new skin cancers.

Additional questions

If you have additional questions, please get in touch with our office by phone (847-272-0022). You can also visit the Surgical Center website for additional information. 

Before and After Mohs Surgery

What To Expect For Patients

Click the image to view the American College of Mohs Surgery Patient Flipbook.

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Health Grades Review

Dr. Lahti and his staff are exceptional! A true team of experts! I was seen on time and the procedure to remove skin cancer was done efficiently. Dr. Lahti personally called me the night of surgery to check on how I was feeling. There is simply not one negative thing about this doctor and his staff to be said. Thanks to Dr. Lahti and all involved in my care!

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Dr. Lahti performed MOHS surgery on my forehead earlier this month. He has great bedside manner, he and his staff are compassionate and efficient, and he left very small scar. Plus, he called me that evening to check up on me.

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Dr. Lahti took the time to call me at night when the lab results showed I had a very aggressive squamous cancer. He had me come in the next morning to remove it. Then he sent the lab slides to the University of Chicago to verify the results, which proved he did 100% removal. There is no better dermatologist anywhere. I can't thank him enough.

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