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December Features

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DiamondGlow + SkinMedica Illuminize Peel Special

GLOW into summer with our
DiamondGlow + SkinMedica
Illuminize Peel Special

$325 (Save $125)

This treat
ment duo can provide: 

  • Improvement in the appearance of hyperpigmentation and redness

  • Smoother skin texture 

  • An overall glow and skin hydration

See these real patient results and

call to book your appointment today:



Hero BBL with Halo Laser Skin Treatment

Hero BBL with Halo Laser Skin Treatment addresses pigment concerns, scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles. This combination treatment also minimizes pores, plumps the skin, softens lines, and more. Most importantly, the treatment can be completely customized for your specific skin needs. Schedule a consultation to learn more: 847-498-4433.


The Center for Aesthetics Natural Beauty Packages

We offer two special packages to help you enhance your natural beauty. Purchase a package and receive significant savings.

Schedule your consultation today: (847) 498-4433
Natural Beauty Recharged

This package will target your entire face to help naturally restore your youthful beauty. Some of the areas of concern that are addressed include restoring and lifting the cheeks, defining the jaw line, smoothing the area around the mouth, and restoring natural volume to the lips. This is a 5-syringe package.


Natural Beauty Package 1.png
Natural Beauty Refreshed

This package focuses on the lower face region. It will help to plump your lips, improve the structure and definition of the lips, and smooth the vertical lines around the mouth. The overall result is even, silky skin on the lower face. This is a 3-syringe package.


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